QEP Final Draft, October 2012

Dear Colleagues,

Please follow either link to the final draft of the UMW QEP.

QEP Final Draft – PDF version

QEP Final Draft – WORD version

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3 Responses to QEP Final Draft, October 2012

  1. sgreenla says:

    To continue this discussion of the “elephant in the room,” how might we incentivize departments to offer FSEMs? Our department currently has the highest student/faculty ratio in the university, and we have de facto decided not to offer FSEMs anymore. At the risk, of sounding like an economist, instead of the current system which allows departments with available staff to teach the majority of the FSEMs, why not reallocate resources so that a greater diversity of departments can offer them.

  2. Keith Mellinger says:

    Page 5, Table 1: Last column of data should be in black, I think.

    Referring to the paragraph at the top of page 28: Has there been some thought on how to incentivize the offering of FSEMs? We struggle every semester to get enough seats in FSEM, and now we’re going to require more from the faculty who have already made a commitment to teaching these new courses. What happens when nobody steps forward to teach these more robust courses? I am not suggesting that we change anything about how to further develop FSEM, only that the implementation needs to address the nuts and bolts issue of staffing.

  3. Marcel Rotter says:

    I find the idea of increasing the number and variety of FSEMs admirable, but wonder how that will work out in real life, especially if the administration does not want to spend money for hire-behinds. In small programs where no existing class can be dropped just so the faculty member can teach a FSEM instead, this is especially apparent. Will some of the money associated to QUEP go to this, or will it all be used to hire the QUEP administrator?
    On a related point, it seems that only certain departments offer FSEMs while others do not. We have to implement a fair distribution of labor here.

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