UMW QEP Outcomes, Oct. 2011

A small group of the QEP committee worked with our original list of outcomes, organized them into groups of similar outcomes, and produced a concise set of potential student learning outcomes for the UMW QEP for the First Year Experience.

These outcomes will continue to be revised and focused.

1)      Students will be exposed to and engage in activities which enhance their ability to analyze and communicate

2)      Students will identify and utilize opportunities to critically evaluate academic material

3)      Students will explore a broad-based liberal arts education by engaging in coursework that enhances their understanding of the sciences and liberal arts

4)      Students will engage in opportunities that help them explore the role that the liberal arts plays in their educational and personal development

5)      Students will have opportunities to engage in activities that require respect and collaboration in and outside of the classroom

6)      Students will have opportunities to learn how to identify, take responsibility for, and achieve their educational and personal goals

7)      Students will have opportunities to develop standards of personal integrity and demonstrate ethical behavior

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