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Liberal Education (quoted from AACU website)

“From its founding in 1915, AAC&U has focused on advancing and strengthening liberal education for all college students, regardless of their intended careers. While the term is used in multiple ways, AAC&U sees liberal education as a philosophy of education that empowers individuals with broad knowledge and transferable skills, and a strong sense of value, ethics, and civic engagement. Characterized by challenging encounters with important issues, and more a way of studying than a specific course or field of study, a liberal education can be achieved at all types of colleges and universities. All AAC&U projects, publications, meetings, and resources reflect this broad understanding of liberal education and a vision of excellence that includes a practical and engaged liberal education for all students. AAC&U works with faculty and campus leaders to make excellence in liberal education an equal opportunity commitment—to every student and to our diverse democracy.”

Go to this website – http://aacu.org/resources/liberaleducation/index.cfm


This page, http://www.aacu.org/value/index.cfm, gives an overview of AACU’s ValueRubrics project.  VALUE Rubrics are outcomes and assessment guides.  The outcomes are identical or nearly identical to our outcomes.  The Rubrics are assessment guides that do two important things, they provide clear: 1) statements about measurable outcomes and 2) guides to how to assess these outcomes.

I have added specific VALUE Rubrics that match up with our current focus areas (October 20, 2011).

CivicEngagement VALUE Rubric (PDF)

CriticalThinking VALUE Rubric (PDF)

EthicalReasoning VALUE Rubric (PDF)

LifelongLearning VALUE Rubric (PDF)

OralCommunication VALUE Rubric (PDF)

Teamwork VALUE Rubric (PDF)

WrittenCommunication VALUE Rubric (PDF)

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