Minutes from the 2-23 QEP Meeting

Attendees: Cedric, Rosemary B, Katherine, Katie, Rosemary A, Gwen, Anand, Alan, Brad, Taiwo, Marsha,Fred

Alan reported on the progress of draft. We have completed several key sections, and we will have a draft ready to distribute to the committee for comments by Marcy 1.

Alan, JoAnn, Fred, and Amber went to the FYE annual meeting over the weekend. Alan reported on the sessions he attended, and said that he got general reaffirmation that what we’re doing for FYE is the right thing. Our FSEM is better than many other academic FY courses. We did a good job when we created this program, and we’re doing a good job with FY Advising. Adding the component that looks like Univ 101 will be a further strengthen these programs. Peer Mentors were a hot topic.

Alan said he attended an all day workshop on how to create good faculty development. There were two broad topics: making sure that we try to create reflective teachers and creating communities of practice. Other topics were encouraging students to reflect on what they do and cross-campus partnering.

In writing and promoting our QEP, we can make the case that we are truly enhancing the quality of programs that are strong. We are coming from a very good place, and many people on campus have done a lot of good work in developing the programs we now how. We will have to make a clear case for how the QEP is different from what we've already been doing and how the programs we are recommending will add value and quality to our existing programs.

Rosemary B raised concerns about programs that have been suggested for the 2012-13 academic year. We don’t want to go too far in the next year with new ideas that are integral to the QEP. The QEP is supposed to be new. Cedric said Student Affairs is talking about this in terms of their programs, and Alan will talk with Fred and JoAnn about some of the changes they are planning for FY Advising.

We discussed further how we can make it clear that the QEP is adding something new to our current programs.


We discussed the outcomes, and Taiwo said that he had several suggestions as to how these can be improved. He will work with Alan to reword and refine the outcomes, and they will circulate those to the rest of the committee. They will look at how these outcomes can be measured and assessed.

Katie Locke volunteered to draft Chapter 2, following Alan's outline.

Alan is starting a list of possible reviewers.

Alan will get with Gwen, Rosemary A, and Anand on assessment pieces relating to their areas.

The current plan is to have the draft go out to the committee March 1, and then be sent on to the campus on or around March 15. Many of us felt that the committee should meet again before the draft goes to the campus. Alan will look into scheduling this.

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