Minutes from the 3-15 Meeting

Attendees: Rosemary, Rosemary, Courtney, Jason, Katie, Alan, Fred, Brad, Katherine, Christina, Marsha, Terry

The meeting consisted of a discussion of the QEP draft as it now stands. We focused first on budget priorities, including the need for a QEP director. After some discussion, we agreed that we would need a full-time director. Alan is working on a position description. We identified other items that could be removed from the budget because they would be covered by departmental budgets.

In discussing the rest of the draft, we agreed that reversing the first two chapters made for a better document. All suggestions for additional edits need to be submitted ASAP. The edited draft will be distributed to campus early next week.

Next steps

We want to allow the university community plenty of opportunities for feedback. The draft will be posted on the QEP Team blog site, with comments enabled. Alan and Brad are organizing a series of focus groups. Alan also wants to hold at least 2 town hall meetings on the QEP. He will let the committee know when these events are scheduled.

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