Minutes from 10-6 meeting

I. Announcements

Alan said that we're going to have evidence that is pointing at various outcomes and that we need to look to see if we have more than one set pointing in the same direction. This will be done before the next meeting.

There is a new set of outcomes on the blog. These are looking like focus statements, and they will be fleshed out and expanded into outcomes.

Alan sent an email about the SACS Annual meeting in December. Several members of the administration, including Rick, Jay, and Tim will be going. Alan wants to go and maybe take a couple more people from the committee. Alan will work with Jay on this.

II. Call to UniLOA

Taiwo had arranged a conference call with Will Barrett and Mark Frederick from UniLOA to discuss our data. This gave us a chance to question them about some of the findings. On most of the questions, our students' responses were considerably higher than the national average. Questions where we were lower than average were 2, 37, 65, 45, 33, 47,54, 13, 34, 62, 70. Will and Mark said that these may be items that bear further investigation. They noted that one challenge we may face will be how to trigger greater growth in students who are already functioning at a pretty high level. They also noted that the comparison to the national mean does not compare our students just to first year students. UniLOA at UMW as administered to first years only. They will run another analysis for us comparing our students to FY students. They will also give us more information on the types of schools that have used this instrument.

III. Data Analysis

The small groups tasked with examining the different data sets reported on their findings. These reports will all be posted on the Sharepoint site. We discussed these findings in detail and their implications for the kinds of programs that might be included in the FYE.

Alan will take all this information and try to pull it together and send it back for comments so we can discuss it at our next meeting.

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