Minutes from 9-22 Meeting

Alan reviewed QEP development process. He said that we are trying to bridge from where we are now to where we want to be. We need to determine the problems or conditions to be addressed by the QEP. What difference will the QEP make once it is implemented? What do we want students to be able to know and do? What changes in knowledge, abilities, attitudes, behaviors do we want to be able to demonstrate?

Over the next couple of weeks, we need to get more focused on the student learning outcomes. We get that focus by looking at what the data tell us about what we think the most important outcomes of the First Year Experience are. Then we look at processes that can move us toward those outcomes. What courses and activities do we offer? How do we develop faculty and staff to deliver these?

When we talk about assessment, we are talking about how we measure the outputs and outcomes we identify as being important. Outputs are indirect measures -- # students in meeting, # courses delivered, % class time in discussion, etc. Outcomes are tied to students individually. Does the student have the knowledge, abilities, attitudes, behaviors we want him/her to have? Both outputs and outcomes are important components of assessment. Outputs show what we tried to do, and serve as a measure of the institutional commitment to the program. We also need to measure outcomes and to demonstrate how we've actually changed students.


Timeline for QEP Process Outcomes & Focus Statements Information literacy outcomes NSSE data on Information literacy -- an example of using data we have

Learning Outcomes Report

Outcomes group met and reworked the document distributed at the last meeting. They are still working on this and will be meeting again Monday. They should have this finished before our next meeting. They will post it online and take comments.

Look at the data

We have 4 sets of data:

NSSE LASSI Common data sets -- demographics that define who are students are Uniloa

We broke into small groups and spent some time discussing the NSSE data and what it tells us about our first-year students and how these data might inform our work on developing student learning outcomes. At the end of the meeting, we divided into 4 groups that will spend some time analyzing and discussing the 4 data sets before our next meeting.

Katie, RA, Lynne -- Demographics, Courtney Stephen Thomas LASSI subgroup + Carol

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