Minutes from the 11-21 QEP Meeting

Attendees: Fred Pierce, Rosemary Barra, Meagan Holbrook, Christina Eggenberger, Stephen Davies, Marsha Zaidman, Rosemary Arneson, Katie Locke, Lynne Richardson, Alan Griffith, Tim O'Donnell, JoAnn Schrass, Stephen Thomas, Brad Scaggs, Taiwo Ande, Katherine Lister

Prior to the meeting, Alan had distributed the outcomes identified for written communication, oral communication, and personal responsibility. We discussed these at length and made several changes. The revised outcomes are on the QEP team blog: http://qepteam.umwblogs.org/outcomes/.

During our discussion, good ideas about programming keep coming up. Alan encouraged the team to remember these good ideas for later.

We agreed that we need to make the role of the liberal arts and sciences more prominent. This has been moved up into the focus statement.

The Team divided into three groups: Student Life, Academic Services, and FSEM. Before the next meeting, the groups are to look at their areas and to discuss what programs are at our disposal, what programs or resources we would develop, what facilities are at our disposal and how we would use them, and how each area interfaces with the other 2. These assignments are covered in the meeting slides that Alan has posted on the blog: http://qepteam.umwblogs.org/meeting-presentations/

Our next meeting is December 8.

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