Project Team Membership

  • Dre Anthes, Admissions
  • Rosemary Arneson, University Libraries
  • Rosemary Barra, Biological Sciences
  • Courtney Chapman, Student Affairs
  • Courtney Clayton, Education
  • Rosalyn Cooperman, Political Science and International Affairs
  • Stephen Davies, Computer Science
  • Christian Eggenberger, Student Activities
  • Alan Griffith, Project Team Chair, Biological Sciences
  • Gwen Hale, Writing Intensive Program
  • Meagan Holbrook, Student Representative
  • Norah Hooper, Education
  • Terry Kennedy, English, Linguistics, and Communication
  • Katherine Lister, Financial Aid
  • Katie Locke, Career Services
  • Jason Matzke, Classics, Philosophy and Religion
  • Fred Pierce, Office of the Provost
  • Anand Rao, English, Linguistics, and Communication
  • Lynne Richardson, Business
  • Cedric Rucker, Student Life
  • Bradley Scaggs, Financial Aid
  • JoAnn Schrass, Academic Services
  • Marsha Zaidman, Computer Science

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